Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pink Plus Blonde

Wearing pink as a blonde has it's own dimension. It can turn out to be too cute or a bit untasty. But as already proven, materials and context in which something is combined play a main role.

This autumn season, I wanted to buy a pink fur jacket, and I knew exactly what kind of piece I want. Not "too" pink, it should look natural, soft and with a touch of luxury. It could be worn with a printed T-shirt and black elegant dress and it would look great combined with a DK watch. But I didn't have much luck in finding it - yet. In the meantime, I found this adorable jacket at ASOS and I knew that this is something I needed. When I finally got it after a few weeks of a sloppy ASOS's delivery, the love was born. Soft suede leather and a washed out shade of a light pink color give it a soft touch, while fringes and "biker jacket" pattern give that edgy look which I love and which has been a part of my style for years now.

It is a piece that is not easily combined as it's already effective by itself. My first attempt combining it with a black long casual dress didn't look too well - at least it didn't give me the effect that I wanted. Second attempt, combining it with a trousers from natural material as wool is, didn't seem to be quite impressive as well. It turned out to go best with a casual and simple pieces in complementary color. It could look great with jeans, cowboy boots or all-black-leather, but certainly, it is a piece which gives an amazing finishing touch to a carefully chosen outfit. I'd love to hear your suggestion of how would you wear a pink fringe jacket, so feel free to share.

Photos by: Marija Pavlovic Blog

Instagram: Bymarija


  1. Meni se bas svidja ova nijansa pink i tvoja kosa zajedno :).

    1. Hvala puno! A meni je jako drago što je naša blogosfera i dalje aktivna <3

  2. Super post. Bas mi se svidja samo tako nastavi ;)


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