Saturday, April 7, 2018

French-Girl Style

I've always been fond of red berets and French-Girl Style, which is both classy and funny and somehow exudes creativity and sensuality. To me, red and black berets are nothing alike to the contemporary accessories fleeting from season to season, but one of the most powerful fashion statements.

If I were to imagine the artistic version of myself in her own habitat, she would look like this. And would be surrounded by artists and creative people from all of the branches, chatting about ideas and putting them into work. Or on paper. Or canvas. Right before the edgy version shows up and refuses to wear anything that doesn't match with black leather boots, or femme fatal version shuts them all up and spends all of the money on high heels.

If you experiment with different styles you are prone to be identified with different social groups, and that can be so much fun and discovering. Whether you are aware of it or not, people will put a label on you based on a pretty much few criteria, but one of them is your outfit.
This is why fashion is not something that should be considered as a superficial form of expression but as a powerful asset you should embrace and use it to emphasize your own traits.

T-shirt: Missguided
Tulle skirt and beret: Asos
Sneakers: Mango

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Palazzo Story

I think that today's fashion is going into very wrong direction. Creativity is exhausted, and new trends are deprived of any sense of style. 

I would say that trends in the fashion industry are pretty much aligned with the direction in which today's society is going - following wrong values and lack of the appreciation for the things that matter. In other words, consolidation of the consumer society where big systems are directing our behavior. Where everybody likes the same things - at least they are convinced that they like them. Or, they have to like them, in order to feel accepted and as a part of the community. Individualism became such a rare and weird thing. 

To me, there is more than just a trends, when it comes to fashion. In general, trends are good - they are directing society to the more forward state of mind. But also, trends represent very powerful weapon for destroying individuality, through a faux sense of belonging, and a great method for controlling masses. And fashion (or better said, personal style) is one of the most powerful ways for expressing the one's individuality. So how can 8 out of the 10 girls wear over-the-knee boots in the very same version: fishnet tights and short dress/skirt? Or Levi's T-shirt, right after seeing zillion others wearing the same damn thing? And there are so many other ways for playing and expressing yourself through it.

All of the pieces from this combination look so different and unmatchable when observed separately, but very interesting when put together. When I was choosing this combination, I started from the pants - and then randomly choosing the pieces that would just click and not get me into overthinking mode. And this is what I mostly love about fashion. It is like an art. Through fashion, you can ether create the copy which would look cheep, no matter how much money you've invested in it. Or you could create the master piece, which maybe not everyone would like, but it will leave the impression and express your individuality. And individuals are those who change the world.

Palazzo trousers: Mango
T-shirt: River Island
Shoes: Mango

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pink Plus Blonde

Wearing pink as a blonde has it's own dimension. It can turn out to be too cute or a bit untasty. But as already proven, materials and context in which something is combined play a main role.

This autumn season, I wanted to buy a pink fur jacket, and I knew exactly what kind of piece I want. Not "too" pink, it should look natural, soft and with a touch of luxury. It could be worn with a printed T-shirt and black elegant dress and it would look great combined with a DK watch. But I didn't have much luck in finding it - yet. In the meantime, I found this adorable jacket at ASOS and I knew that this is something I needed. When I finally got it after a few weeks of a sloppy ASOS's delivery, the love was born. Soft suede leather and a washed out shade of a light pink color give it a soft touch, while fringes and "biker jacket" pattern give that edgy look which I love and which has been a part of my style for years now.

It is a piece that is not easily combined as it's already effective by itself. My first attempt combining it with a black long casual dress didn't look too well - at least it didn't give me the effect that I wanted. Second attempt, combining it with a trousers from natural material as wool is, didn't seem to be quite impressive as well. It turned out to go best with a casual and simple pieces in complementary color. It could look great with jeans, cowboy boots or all-black-leather, but certainly, it is a piece which gives an amazing finishing touch to a carefully chosen outfit. I'd love to hear your suggestion of how would you wear a pink fringe jacket, so feel free to share.

Photos by: Marija Pavlovic Blog

Instagram: Bymarija