Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cologne - Flashbacks of the Christmas Magic

It's been a while since my visit to Germany and the Christmas Market in Cologne, and yet, I couldn't allow myself to let those captured moments (read: photographs) remain stored somewhere and never seen again. 
Although Germany is not on my top list of the countries I would love to live in, it is for sure the country that I would like to visit again, and again. Especially because some of my great friends who live there and who I do not have a chance to meet very often. 
One word describes Germany during the Christmas: Magic. Everything about their way of marking this holiday is magical. Each City has it's own beautiful way to to bring people together and revive the Christmas spirit. In the previous post I have made a review of the Christmas market in Bonn, and in this one, I am looking back to the wonderful moments spent in Cologne a few days before the Catholic Christmas. 

I hope that you will enjoy! M.

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